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Some 20 years ago when we moved to this area, my husband was fortunate to be directed towards Elizabeth  &  Matthew Hawley and the Voices & Music Choir, where he was welcomed into the bass section, and has enjoyed both the friendship and the special music of the group ever since.

It has been my pleasure & privilege to attend all of their Concerts at a number of different venues, including the most recent of Madrigals singing around  the Dorothy Clive Gardens. Their singing always of a high standard does indeed “cheer the soul.”

On occasions, the Band directed by Matthew Hawley have performed either with the choir or

Solo Concerts. It is sometimes hard to believe that these individual amateur instrumentalists, can, thanks to their dedication and leadership of Matthew produce such polished performances.

There are a number of people both singers and instrumentalists who speak highly of the quality of teaching which they receive from lessons through  Ashley Music School with  Elizabeth or Matthew Hawley.

In short their music gives pleasure to both performer and listener alike!

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An audience member at V&M/AMS concerts

I was looking for English tuition for my teenage nephew, for whom English is a second language; AMS addressed his particular needs with utmost diligence, using a wide range of carefully chosen exercises; our tutor then went on to assist him in preparing for a final exam, the Cambridge Advanced Certificate, independently sourcing the appropriate preparation materials.

I realise that AMS is primarily a music school, however I rate very highly the care and attention that has gone into my nephew's language tuition - moreover, he has enjoyed the experience. AMS has provided a valuable supplement to the English my nephew has acquired from a year at FE college in the UK and I would say it has offered good value.

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