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We are currently using “Skype” to give online tuition during the coronavirus crisis - lessons are available in music and in languages (please note this service could be continued after the phase 1 of lockdown is ended and as we enter phase 2 of the gradual easing of the original restrictions which began on March 23rd 2020) When receiving lessons through Skype we would recommend (if possible) that you use an external microphone at your end (this would be possible if you have a laptop for example) but we would certainly recommend amplifying the sound you are receiving from us by linking your device to an external speaker (perhaps connected by bluetooth for example). Please enquire about music lessons and also tutoring in GCSE academic subjects, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and help your learning process in these subjects to continue in spite of the national emergency that has affected so many in the world of education since March 2020.

A full list of all subjects and instruments available at AMS can be found through the links below:

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