Ashley Voices & Music Consort

V. & M. (as it is affectionately known), is an amateur choir; but it maintains professional standards, under its founder and Director: Elizabeth Hawley.

Over the years it has welded into a community of enthusiastic members with a great team spirit!

The repertoire is very wide, ranging from mediaeval to Benjamin Britten; but it has always been most at home with music from the English madrigalian era, both secular & religious. Frequent recitals are given, in halls & churches; for example it has been occasionally invited to sing all the Sunday Services in the Cathedral at Chester.

To listen to some tracks of V&M performing click on the links below:

Sweet Honey Sucking Bees, Wilbye

(an archive recording of Ashley Voices & Music Consort from earlier days)

Ave Verum, Byrd

(a later archive recording)

AngelusAdPastores, Gabrieli

(V&M at Cheadle 5th July 2000)

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